Some People Are Trans – Get Over It

I have had a fantastic few months off work – and now 2016 aims to be personally rewarding with a new career, doing more voluntary work, and of course spending time with friends and family.

So the big news is I am trans – it just makes my life easier now I am fully open with it. Over the past few years I have been gradually more open with my trans status and LGBT voluntary work – and it has enabled me to become more comfortable and confident with my gender identity and gender expression.

The support I have had from ex-colleagues I have shared this with already has been amazing – I can’t thank them enough.

For those people that don’t know much about trans people – the first thing you need to understand is trans people are people. Just like you they have families and friends, and aspirations and careers.

What you also may not know that a staggering 41% of trans people have at some point attempted suicide. I am one of the lucky ones, and although I have never suffered trans related mental health issues, I do understand why these numbers are ten times higher than the rest of the population. Being trans is hard – being judged on appearance, and incorrect perceptions and outdated views by family, friends, colleagues, and society as a whole are distressing and debilitating.

But of course the good news is you can help change this, by simply understanding just a little bit more like you have just now.




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