CIS Privilege – A 1st World Problem

If I see another article on CIS privilege, I might just have give up my trans-rights and go back to being CIS and defend them. When are some trans people going to stop blaming everyone who identifies with their birth gender as someone that is hateful and out to get them. They don’t speak for me.

** NOTE before you continue, if you don’t know what the term CIS is then please refer here: – AND WELCOME TO MY WORLD **

I’m trans – big deal for me, not such a big deal for everyone else. OK – so maybe for my parents it was a bit of a shock, but essentially it’s my problem.

I’ve experienced four hate crimes or incidents in public places in the last four months – and I live in a big, tolerant city. I might have even lost a couple of jobs opportunities on the back I am trans too. But you what – these are early days for the current trans movement. Constantly “beating” up CIS people because they are not educated on trans issues is not going to fix it, it’s just exasperating the fact that some people think trans people are awkward and weird.

Well I’m neither awkward or weird – I’m just a person, who happened to be born male, but is far more comfortable presenting as female. Not everyone’s choice, and it wasn’t exactly mine – but I went with the flow and I’m happy. Inner happy and outer happy. Super happy.

Sometimes people say hurtful things. Sometimes people don’t get why I’m trans. But who can blame them. They are not trans. They don’t have trans friends. Or family. I’ve been coping and trying to understand it for decades; and you know what things are changing. I can have a good career. And I don’t have to be the freak show in the office or on the street.

The Lesbian and Gay movement didn’t invent “Straight Privilege”. Privilege is being white, male, and coming from relative wealth. Or any of those things. Privilege does not come from being a woman. Or being a child. Or being black. Or being poor.

Many trans people suffer in silence and are not able to express their gender due to pressures from their family and our society. Just because they are not expressing their gender does that mean they have CIS Privileged? No.

CIS, and for the record I hate the term, “gender assigned at birth correctly people and who are happy with it people”, or simply non-trans people, are entitled to try and understand about trans people (and I want them too). The trans man or woman in their office, or their neighbor or their brother, sister, child or even parent. In many ways it’s none of their business about someones trans status –bristol-uni but in order for society to understand how they can help trans people (and, yes I agree many of us are very disadvantaged) they have to get their information from somewhere. And I’d rather they got it from a trans person directly, than an angry rant about CIS Privilege or some google search spewing out goodness knows what.

As a visible trans person, you will get transphobia and you will get homophobia – but you will also get love, and you will be liked for who you are. You’re a nice person after all. You just happen to be trans.

Being trans isn’t easy – but please let’s not lash out at everyone that isn’t trans just because sometimes some of them ask stupid questions, say hurtful things, do dreadful things. Let’s target them and deal with them firmly and appropriately, but we need to treat everyone else as we’d like to be treated ourselves.



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