Sparkle and Me

A few months ago I announced to the trustees of Sparkle – the national transgender charity, that I was stepping down as the Chair and as a trustee.

With the other trustees, I took the organisation from a weekend celebration to a national charity, expanded The Sparkle Weekend in July to over 10,000 attendees and a “major event” in Manchester, and created the first National Transgender Awards in March. I passionately built links with the trans-masculine and non-binary communities, and Sparkle won the LGBT Foundation’s Community Group/Organisation 2015, and developed a structure to enable Sparkle to grow and develop even further.

I am so proud of what I have achieved and what will become of the efforts I made and worked hard for, and I am also proud of the of the trustees and volunteers for letting me lead this important organisation to the trans community. The Sparkle Weekend changes lives for the better – I have seen it happen every year.

I leave Sparkle in a great place, with some brilliant people that will make sure Sparkle continues to be an amazing success. But I am not going to far, I was told by the Trustees a few days ago I am to become the first patron of Sparkle – a huge honor and something I am very proud of.

My work with the LGBT community will also not stop – I am a passionate and driven trans-woman who knows that being anywhere on the trans or LGB spectrum can be very hard. I will continue to work and volunteer within the sector to help change lives for the better.

I will use the new found free time to focus on my personal life, and begin developing my career again after the break I took late last year.

And I will see you at Sparkle 2016!


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