August 2016

I Am Not Nervous, Am I?

So after a bit of a career break it is time to start to look for a new job, in a new city. Not a major challenge – I am a confident, well-spoken person with great experience. I had an interview last week for a great job, in a fantastic organisation. I was prepared, I
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The Olympic Message – Equality and LGBT Diversity

I have never been great at sport or athletics, and coming from a ‘sporty’ family I never really could compete with my brother or my farther. My brother played county level tennis and badminton, keen at hockey and football, and in his youth my father was picked to play for rugby for England. Living with
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Katie and The Pope - Transphobia

It’s quite sad that people who know very little about a subject think they have the right to comment on things. What is even sadder is when the image they portray shows these people as greedy and selfish. Well let me tell you Katie Hopkins making a living from sharing lies and stoking hatred is
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