I Am IN – Here Is Why

Today is the morning after a wonderful evening spent with IT peers listening to what senior IT leaders think about business and IT. The subject of the Brexit came up – mainly because I raised the issue in conversation and I am passionate that the UK should remain in the EU. I am worried that
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From America They Came For Me

I will get around to writing some business related things here at some point, but for now – I am on a rant about LGB and being trans. And America (well parts of it). OK actually this blog is about business too – and it is also about fairness and equality. The UK Government have
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What’s it like to be a trans employee?

I read with interest the Totaljobs employee survey about trans people – a survey completed by trans people about their job and career. They should be congratulated by taking up the chance to collate this survey and sharing it with a wide audience. If you are trans there are no really surprises (it’s not great),
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