Reserved Seat Anxiety

With my ninja like skills and I normally find a seat. But at nearly £500 a month you might think a seat on a train would be guaranteed, but sadly not.

Dear India - Where Is Your Solidarity?

Dear India, It’s all too easy at the moment for people to deride and deny the rights of trans women and, when it comes from one of my own, it hurts even more. Of course, I am talking about your comments in Pink News. It hurts more when that woman speaks without understanding or knowledge of
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The Transparent Door

This week on my social media one of my connections posted up a copy of an email they had received from a recruitment consultant about a job they applied for. The email was feedback on their CV from the client. The CV was “impressive” and ideal for the role, but also that the customer was
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A Woman, Just Like Me

I always knew that starting work again after my sabbatical (yes, I wasn’t really retired) would be a defining moment for my gender. I was privileged to be able to take so much time away from the pressures and stresses of work to sort myself out, ok, OK transition. So starting back at work would
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Faith, Bull-sh*t and Divesting

It’s been a long time since I actually stopped reading a book midway through. Actively stopped. Took my bookmark out, and then sat on the train contemplating if I should have invested another five hours, along with the previous five I had already clocked up. The book was called Insanely Gifted by one of the
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Just So Straight

The recent comments made by Hammond can not simply be brushed off as being (or trying to be) funny. Unconscious or otherwise he crafted homophobia and targetted the LGBT community specifically. This is different to saying something is ‘gay’ where the intent (is often) not aimed at the LGBT community, but just immature. Yes it shouldn’t
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Just A Boy

In 1991 I moved to London. I was scared, anxious, depressed and lonely. I had left behind a ‘car crash’ of a life in Hull. I sometimes reflect now on that time in my life, and wonder that if I had the wherewithal to know what suicide was, if I would actually have taken my
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Straight, White, Male Privilege : Revoked

For 42 years of my life I’ve had straight, white male privilege. Last year I concluded that as much as I enjoyed the privileges it came with – I would be happier, more content, and I could be as equally as successful without it. My relation with my gender identity has been interesting. But it
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Football, Eric and The Pedophiles

It’s positive that another great establishment has been ‘outed’ for harboring child abusers – pedophiles. And brave people stepping forward to admit something happened to them, that simply was not their fault. But we must not forget that most child sexual abuse happens in families. Farther, Uncles, Grandfathers, family friends, and occasionally even some women.
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