Dear India - Where Is Your Solidarity?

Dear India, It’s all too easy at the moment for people to deride and deny the rights of trans women and, when it comes from one of my own, it hurts even more. Of course, I am talking about your comments in Pink News. It hurts more when that woman speaks without understanding or knowledge of
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Just So Straight

The recent comments made by Hammond can not simply be brushed off as being (or trying to be) funny. Unconscious or otherwise he crafted homophobia and targetted the LGBT community specifically. This is different to saying something is ‘gay’ where the intent (is often) not aimed at the LGBT community, but just immature. Yes it shouldn’t
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Wilful Blindness: Ignoring Trans-Children?

Welcome to the world where the naive are educated by the ignorant. The recent media attention of the child removed from their parents by a judge has sparked a series of events and media articles that attacks a transgender charity that supports trans children and their parents. Many of those parents are desperate and confused
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